T20 Stars FAQ’s

Picking the right cricket gear is time consuming, complicated and confusing. That’s why we started T20 Stars, because we want to simplify the decision making process, by offering everything you need at the highest quality, delivered promptly, and all backed by a free returns policy.

If you’ve got any questions along the way, or are unsure of anything - we’d love to hear from you. Just send us an email at help@t20stars.com. And in the meantime, our FAQ guide below shows you our most asked questions.

Common Gear Questions

1. How do I knock in my bat?

We want you to have the best possible performing bat, so we recommend 2-3 throw down sessions with older balls. This encourages the wood to get accustomed to the impact and then away you go. 

Please note, when batting, the wood takes some pretty heavy hits from the ball;  there will be surface cracks, some seam marks and potentially slight indentations in the wood—this is absolutely normal.

The Bat Care Pack comes with fibreglass tape for running repairs to keep The Bat alive. If you have close to life-ending damage, do reach out and we’ll connect you with a qualified professional that’ll help to restore it to its best possible condition.

There is no need to oil these bats. Oiling the bats makes them quite a bit heavier and takes away from the performance that we have intended.

2. What are the differences in the grades of English Willow? Which Willow does T20 Stars use?

Willow is graded subjectively. An individual walks past thousands of big pieces of wood (clefts)—that don't look anything like a shaped cricket bat—then makes a quick assessment to decide what grade each piece of willow is.

The person goes by appearance alone. So, just because a piece of wood doesn't have perfectly straight grains, or has a little knot or blemish, it doesn't mean that it is not an amazingly performing piece of wood. 

This is why the difference between Grade 1 and 2 willow is very minimal, and not necessarily graded on performance—really, it’s whether it is perfect or not visually.

Bat Grade & Appearance

VW Range

Best Performance with no visual blemishes, 8+ grains. 

SW & WW Range

Great Performance with some visual blemishes, 6-8 grains. 

LW & MW Range

Very good performance with a number of visual blemishes, 5+ grains.

For more details please see our Bats page.

3. What happens if my bat gets a surface crack?

Minor surface cracks are expected and are totally fine to use with Extratec support.
Here’s how you can address them:

  • For reinforcement, use the fibreglass tape to support and strengthen the surface crack.
  • For an edge and toe surface crack, use the fibreglass tape immediately to reinforce the area.
  • If the crack runs deep into the wood; and looks like it could crack significantly more— get it fixed immediately! We want this beautiful bat to stay alive, so you can keep smashing them. Email us at help@t20stars.com for expert advice or to be directed to one of our trusted bat repairers.

4. How do I best look after my T20 Stars gear?

- Always store The Bat in your bat cover provided.
- Always keep your Bat away from moist/damp environments.
- Reduce tapping The Bat on a wet pitch—the toe guard is there to reduce the impact of this but it won't stop it entirely.

- Re-strap the pads after every use to keep The Pads keep the moulded shape of your leg. This also ensures the velcro is as clean as possible for permanent stickiness.
- Wipe down dirty pads with damp cloth.
- For longevity, air pads out in the sun after each use to dry.

- Re-strap the gloves after every use to keep their moulded shape. This also ensures the velcro is as clean as possible for permanent stickiness.
- Wipe down dirty gloves with damp cloth.
- For longevity, air pads out in the sun after each use to dry.

General Questions

1. How do I know what size I am?

Find out exactly what size gear is right for you. Use our sizing quiz.

Size Guide

2. Where does T20 Stars ship to?

Everywhere throughout the world.

We have free shipping and returns for Australia for orders above $50.

Currently, international customers do have to pay for shipping and customs taxes where applicable. There are no returns for international customers.

3. Can I cancel or change an order after I’ve placed it?

We know you’re keen to start playing with your gear and we move as fast as possible to ship your order. Typically products are shipped on the same day or 1 day after the order is placed.

Usually, this means we can’t make any changes after the order is placed.

That said, please email us with URGENT in the subject line and order number.
We’ll do our best to help. Contact: help@t20stars.com

4. How do I return my product?

To get your returns sorted immediately and with ease, head to: https://www.t20stars.com/a/returns and using your unique order number and email address we can arrange this promptly. Refunds are processed within 3-5 days. Please note that there are no returns for international customers, unless there has been a processing error from our side.

5. What is the warranty for my products?

We’re a proud Australian brand and aim to ensure you’re 100% happy with your purchase. We’ve spent a great deal of time making high performance cricket gear so it's rare that your product would arrive faulty. Our equipment has undergone rigorous testing with professional players through to kids—we’ve designed a product that lasts. However, sometimes things happen and if they do, we’ve got your back.

The Cricket Bat warranty guidelines:
If The Bat is genuinely faulty, it will be replaced immediately and only includes the following:

  • Broken handle
  • The blade breaking into two pieces

The T20 Stars warranty doesn’t cover the following issues:

  • Surface cracks
  • Toe, edge and shoulder damage due to mistimed shots
  • Damage due to improper or extended use
  • Pads and Gloves

There is a 3 Month Warranty for any split seams or stitching.

If you experience any issues please reach out: help@t20stars.com